Overview Of Natural Traffic VS Pay Per Click Traffic

If you’re trying to decide on what type of marketing to do with your website, you probably narrow it down to a couple of different ideas. The first will be using PPC traffic through Google or Facebook. The second will be doing search engine optimization. SEO is the key to getting natural traffic from the search engines. These are individuals that are using the search engines to find the products or services that they want. PPC traffic can be much more expensive as you are paying for each click that you receive. Let’s go over the benefits and drawbacks of each one, and then show you which one will probably be the best one to ultimately use with the majority of your advertising campaign budget.

What Is Natural Traffic?

This is called search engine traffic. This is going to originate from Google and other search engines. It is brought by people that are searching for information on different topics, and in the case of business is, these are individuals looking for products or services that they offer. SEO is the ability to optimize your website so that it can be found on the search engines. It is one of the best ways to generate traffic because it is cost effective. It also leads to consistent traffic once you have obtained several different key positions on the search engines, preferably in the number one spot for your most profitable keyword terms. The drawback of this particular type of marketing is that it’s not going to be instantaneous, taking a few weeks or months to see results. That is where PPC traffic comes in.

What Is Pay Per Click Traffic?

PPC traffic is the ability to pay platforms like Google and Facebook which have advertising available, allowing you to target specific keywords and demographics. The traffic will come within an hour or two of placing your ad as it will show up on the search engines or Facebook pages of people that have been discussing similar topics. Obviously, the primary benefit is the speed at which you can get results. However, the drawback is that it is very expensive. So which one of these should you use? Should you generate traffic instantly using PPC platforms or should you focus on SEO to generate natural traffic?

The Combination Of The Two Is The Key To Success

The key to your success online, both initially and in the long run is to use a combination of both forms of marketing. You will initially want to use PPC traffic to generate immediate results to test different landing pages and offers that you have. At the same time, you will want to work with a search engine optimization company to start ranking the various web pages on your website for specific keyword phrases. In the end, you will know which ones convert the best, and then you can focus solely on SEO to build additional pages. This is what most successful marketers do that are on a small to medium-sized budget if they want to have fast results.

This basic overview of how to do both PPC and SEO is the key to really becoming successful online. You need to use a combination of both forms of marketing if you want to find success. Although some people may prefer one over the other, ultimately it comes down to what you would like to do long-term. According to most experts, pay per click traffic is used for figuring out which keywords to target, and SEO will be utilized for long-term results.